Wine List



WHITE WINE                                                                 175ml              250ml              Bottle


House White                                                                   4.00                 5.20                 14.00

Crispy, dry white                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Senora Rosa, Sauvignon Blanc, Chile                      4.20                 5.50                 16.00                                                                              

 Herbaceous, fruit driven Sauvignon.

False Bay, Chardonnay, South Africa                       4.50                 6.00                 17.00  

Notes of lime and peach, well balanced                                                                     

with great texture.


Araldica La Luciana, Gavi, Italy                                   4.50                 6.00                 17.00  

Refreshing and aromatic, the unusual

Cortese grape


El Coto Blanco, Viura, Rioja Spain                                                                              18.00

The grape used on either side of the

Pyrenees, a powerful fresh attack leaving

a good acidity on the palate


Southern Lights, Sauvignon Blanc                                                                             20.00

Marlborough New Zealand

A typical Marlborough Sauvignon

bursting with gooseberries


House Cava                                                                                                                    18.00

Bright with abundant small bubbles, Clean,

fresh and fruity 

House Champagne                                                                                                        29.00

Exuberant with intense freshness on the palate


RED WINE                                                                    175ml              250ml              Bottle


House Red                                                                      4.00                 5.20                 14.00

Fruity style Red


Senora Rosa, Merlot, Chile                                        4.20                 5.50                 16.00

A medium to high intensity wine

full of plums and hints of spice


False Bay, Shiraz, South Africa                                4.50                 6.00                 17.00

A truly hand crafted full bodied Shiraz

elegant and rich with hints of cracked

black pepper


Castillo De Manzanares, Tempranillo                       4.50                 6.00                 17.00

La Mancha Spain

Old Vine Tempranillo aged in oak barrels,

a great reserve


Goyenechea, Malbec, Argentina                                                                               20.00

Oaked and smokey, with great tannins

and long finish


Faustino V, Rioja Reserva                                                                                         22.00

Matured for extra smoothness, silky and






House Rose                                                                 4.00                 5.20                 14.00

Delicate, flavorsome Rose


False Bay Rose                                                                                                           17.00

A delicate, pale rose with flavours of

spice and herbs on the nose


El Coto Rose                                                                                                               18.00

Delightful strawberry and redcurrant aromas

along with crisp, dry and refreshing flavours


Wines Supplied by Mitchells Wine Merchant, Sheffield